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About Us

Shared, Integrated, & Dynamic

Always changing. Always learning. Always adapting.

Our Culture

People always come first at CES LLC, and we strive to mutually understand and serve clients, employees, suppliers, and others with whom we interact with care, consideration, respect, and professionalism.
We believe long-lasting success is a team effort, so we prioritize collaboration, cooperation, teamwork, and mutual value in everything we do. We focus on the distinct needs of clients, employees, suppliers and our own business, and then seek to align goals, people, and other resources to engage and move forward together in the right direction. Whether you’re a client, employee, supplier, or another part of the process, you can count on CES LLC to operate with a people-centric mindset and committed approach to delivering the most value and best outcomes possible.

Our Team Environment

Since our launch in 2007, CES LLC has focused on being a place where people want to work, be challenged, develop, and thrive. We believe in the power of diversity and the distinct value of each team member’s skills, capabilities, and experiences, and our team of talented, hard-working individuals bring their unique perspectives, brainpower, and hearts to our company and customers every day. But while we all are different in our own ways, each of us is uniformly committed to serving clients and each other with integrity, commitment, and camaraderie. This makes CES LLC a uniquely supportive, collaborative workplace and a great place to build a great career and make a difference.
Through the years, we’ve surmised that the most successful, engaged employees want to be part of something worthwhile as they contribute to the team’s – and their own – success, growth, and impact. CES LLC employees are impactful “get-it-done-right” problem-solvers who push to make things better for customers, colleagues, and the communities we serve. We are driven, creative, and dedicated, but also believe our work should be fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable. So while we take our jobs and our responsibilities seriously, we also know the importance of having fun and enjoying what we do.

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Our History

From our start in 2007 as a one-person operation working from the basement of a country home to operating offices in multiple metropolitan areas today, CES LLC has continuously evolved and grown. We’ve accomplished this by focusing on people, listening intently to clients and employees, building greater expertise and capabilities, leveraging leading technologies and best-practices, and nurturing relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

Throughout the past decade and a half, CES LLC has understood ever-changing customer needs and responded by developing an extensive portfolio of solutions to serve the construction industry, including Construction Technology Application Consulting, Construction Staking/Surveying, 3D Surface Modeling, Take-Off Quantities, Drone Imagery Capture & Processing, 3D Laser Scanning, and other related Professional Services.

Many CES LLC team members have been at the forefront of construction operations since the mid-1990s, when 3D machine control technology was first introduced to the trade. Our passion for the industry, technology, and creative problem-solving has driven us to the forefront of advocating, educating, and implementing innovative construction technology solutions … from software in the office to hardware in the field and on the machines. You can count on CES LLC to help you move from “design” to “done”.

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