One of Our Teams goals is to assist contractors in becoming fully skilled and self-sufficient in the maximum daily application of construction technologies. In order to maximize the value of the contractors investment in training and support it is important to develop a customized, integrated, and on-going support strategy. The on-going support from CES builds on the training experience and develops the contractors in-house capabilities. Overall this approach provides the contractor with an excellent return on investment as compared to generic-classroom only approaches.

Construction Engineering Solutions training program delivers a set of methods to each client that have been proven to increase efficiency and profits. We give our clients the tools and attention necessary to become experts who can utilize the applications and create long term value with the state of the art technology available.

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The training features of our program extend beyond the classroom and into the field. Our on-going support strategy (both remote and in-person) maximizes the value of the training and allows our clients to get the help they need when they need it. Through our support channels we build and develop our clients in-house capabilities and competencies.

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The CES Training/Support platform provides:

  • Increased revenue by maximizing daily application of the technology
  • World-class customized on-site training at minimum cost
  • On-going remote support to increase employee understanding and quality of work
  • Develops the contractors in-house application experts
  • Develops the contractors brand as an expert user of construction technologies